The Patriots. The Patriots. The Patriots. Does it sound like I’m repeating myself? This may perhaps be true, for a good reason. The Patriots have essentially dominated football in recent years. And it seems like they are having an amazing year again.

The Patriots play either at home or away. When they are away, they play teams such as the Dolphins, the Steelers, and the Bills. Speaking of the Bills, I hope not too many Bills fans are reading this. This is because the Patriots destroyed the Bills a few weeks ago! The Patriots won the game by a score of 23. The Bills scored only 3 points. Ouch! But that may not be the worst game for the Bills.

Maybe it’s the desire for revenge that eventually came up short. Yes, The Patriot and Bills faced in each a few weeks later. This game was only a few days ago. At last, the Bills had their chance to prove they could play as well as the Patriots. At last, they would have their revenge and show their fans that there is a reason for continued support. But that didn’t happen. The game a few days ago was arguably worse than before. The Bills scored 16 points. That’s a big increase from the first game! However, I didn’t mention the Patriot’s score yet. The Patriots scored 37 points. Ouch! The Patriots did better than the first game! They added one extra point in the second game. In the first game, the Patriots won by 20 points. In the second game, the Patriots won by 21 points.

There is a reason so many people talk about the Patriots. They are simply a fantastic team and are on their way to another Super Bowl. Love them or hate them, the Patriots deserve respect for their wins. And watch a game! You won’t be disappointed.