The NFL is at the center of controversy. It doesn’t really have anything to do with the owners. It doesn’t have anything to do with how much players are paid. But it does have something to do with how some players are acting.

Based on one’s opinion, these actions will be seen in either a positive or negative light. Some people won’t care at all The actions of some players have to do with a protest. They are protesting during the National Anthem. How, you might ask? They are kneeling down, while others stand.

Standing, during the Anthem, is the traditional method to which citizens have shown respect for the country. However, some NFL players are protesting certain injustices. These injustices don’t necessarily affect the players personally. They may know or have heard of someone who has undergone some type of injustice.

By injustice, we are talking about some type of police brutality or discrimination. Police prejudice has been in the news recently. Some players of the NFL wanted to perhaps give their star power towards this cause. Whatever one’s opinions on this matter we can all agree that it has brought controversy to the NFL.

Because the NFL is undergoing controversy, some people are avoiding going to games. Perhaps they will wait until the controversy goes away and then return. A lower number of attendees means that the NFL is selling fewer tickets. To combat this, the NFL is lowering their prices on some tickets. It’s a great time to buy NFL tickets! I saw online that some tickets were being sold for the low price of $3. That’s less than a beer at the game!

Lovers of football will continue to love football. The game isn’t going away. For them, now might be the best time to buy a seasons pass.