Every football lover has a favorite team. As a matter of fact, any sports lover, in general, has a favorite team. Usually, people love the winning team. Who can blame them? When a team wins most of the time it’s still a great feeling to be attached to that team. Most people will stick with their team whether they win or lose.

Most of the time, people choose a team to follow based on their geographic location. In other words, people will choose the team they live closest to. For example, if a fan lives in Chicago, they will likely choose to follow and support the Chicago Bears. However, this isn’t always so. I know this personally, having grown up around the Chicago area.

Surprisingly to some, many of the fans around Chicago are Green Bay Packer’s fans. This is even more intriguing because the Packers are considered the arch nemesis team of the Bears. At the same time, to other, this isn’t as surprising since Green Bay is about a 3 hours drive from Chicago. Many people from the Green Bay area could have simply moved to Chicago but retain their support for the Packers.

Let’s switch gears to the Patriots. The Patriots are arguably the hottest team right now. We have a great quarterback in Tom Brady and a great coach in Bill Belichick. The Patriots have won 2 out of the past 3 Super Bowls. Because of this, it should be no surprise that some people from across the States would want to see them win again!

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with being a bandwagon fan. Sure, that is a very arguable statement. Even longtime fans of the Patriots might be cautious with these new fans. in the end, however, Patriots fans are Patriots fans and will get along to watch the big game together.