Sports provide an outlet where we can channel our positive growth. Every day, we are faced with challenges and being an athlete plays no exception. In fact, they are even provided with opportunities that could help them maximize their full potential not just physically but mentally as well.

If you want to become good at what you are doing, take some time to ponder on these tips to become a better football player of your generation.

Study and Learn the Rules of the Sport

It is important to brush up on the rules of the game because knowing the rules is knowing all the rules of the game. Many professional NFL players are still unaware of some rules of the game. This is not just downright embarrassing but you’re putting your team at risk. Take a refresher course or at least research.

Workout: Day in and day out

Have a solid plan and record your entire workout details. Using this technique can help you track your progress. There is a sense of accomplishment and the physical results are noticeable every time you are well-conditioned to play the game. Make sure to focus on your strength and mass. Remember that you can’t reach your goal if you don’t have a solid plan to get there.

10,000-Hour Rule

According to Malcolm Gladwell, practicing a specific task for a total of 10,000 hours is the key to success in any given field. Put ample dedication to developing your skill. Now is not the right time to give up.

Show up during team practice. Always start early and encourage your teammates to do the same thing. You can even continue after practice hours other skills like catching, blocking, passing, and covering with other fellow teammates.

Modify Your Diet

Watch what you eat because athletes have a required meal plan. Since protein is an important factor for muscle growth, make sure to take ample amounts as required by your dietician. It is even more effective if you can calculate your daily dietary intake but you can always call for a nutritionist for accuracy.

Get Enough Sleep

With long hours of practice and physical exertion, you need your muscles to heal and this usually takes place while you sleep. Keep a regular sleeping pattern to recover and regain your energy.

Work hard to get yourself in shape. You can even workout at home, be careful so you don’t slip on the new flooring though. Be an example to your teammates and show your coach that he didn’t make a wrong decision in choosing you as a part of the team. Specialize in your position and be the best quarterback, defensive back, receiver, running back, linebacker, or lineman you can be!