Today, the news made the headlines regarding Mark Wahlberg from the last Super Bowl. The story was about Mark being in attendance that night. But something was different about his attendance. It’s something that most people would never think to do at a football game, especially the Super Bowl. Mark left early.

He wasn’t alone, however. And he was alright. There were no emergencies. He wasn’t trying to leave before everyone else so as to beat the traffic. Mark was with his family. Why are we just learning about this today? I’m not sure, but some people are interested. Especially those who know Mark.

People know Mark from his movies. Many of his movies take place in Boston. People may realize that he has an accent. He has a Boston accent. Surely, then, he must be a Patriots fan. Right? Well, he surely is. Getting back to last year now. Why did he leave the Super Bowl early? His story changed.

During the last Super Bowl, people noticed him leaving early. So he was interviewed and asked about it shortly after that night. Mark’s original story was that his child was not feeling well. Alright, so that is very understandable. Nobody wants to force their child to stay at a game if they are feeling under the weather. Even if it’s the Super Bowl! But, today we got a different story. Well, perhaps it was said a little differently.

It’s not that Mark’s child was sick. No, Mark’s child was having a tantrum. Perhaps Mark meant that his child was not emotionally well. His child, who was 8 years old, was swearing up a storm during the game. Being a good dad, Mark did not accept that kind of language, even if it was at a sports game. He taught his child a lesson that day. Don’t use profanity!