The football season is always an exciting time for ecstatic Patriot fans. Sports fanatics want nothing more than to see their team win. They would even put their roof work on hold just to watch the Patriots play. If you ever need help with that, you can check out

Patriot fans take their games seriously. They prepare finger food and enough drinks to get them through the entire football game.

While checking Pinterest, I came across a bunch of easy to make recipes that are perfect for an intense game, and a house party with your friends.  Take a look at this awesome clam chowder dip and try this out on your next Patriots game marathon.

Clam Chowder Dip

Who doesn’t enjoy a bowl of clam chowder? Well, it’s about time you take it to the next level. How about trying out clam chowder in the form of a dip? The glorious taste is to die for, and it’s very easy to prepare. You can whip this up ahead of time and use it as a dip for practically any snack you can think of.

So, first, you charcoal grill the clams until they’re open and ready to be removed from their shells. Also grill some bacon until golden brown, and crispy. Or however, you like your bacon cooked. Chop them coarsely and set aside.

As soon as the clams have cooled down, you can start taking them out. Remove the shells, but save the liquid part.

Get your food processor, and add some sour cream, salt and a pinch of cayenne, if you want it spicy, heavy cream, and of course, the clam juice you saved earlier. Add the clams and bacon, but save about ¼ of the clams and 2 tablespoons of bacon.

Start to puree until smooth and add some seasoning if you wish. If you are not satisfied with the consistency, you can add more clam liquid.

Serve the dip in a bowl and fold in the remaining clams and bacon. Garnish with herbs, and the dip is now ready.

Take out your snacks – potato wedges, celery sticks, and crackers, and start dipping!

Munch on while enjoying a game of football.